Resident FAQ

For New Residents

I'm a new resident to True Home. What should I expect in the first month under management?

Whether you are a new resident moving into a property or True Home Ohio recently began managing your current property, there are a few steps we ask you take to get started.

If our team has your email address on file, you will be receiving an invitation from Buildium to create login information for your personal online account. You will use this site to pay for rent, deposits and any other fees charged to your account.

In addition to your Buildium account, you will need to register with Property Meld. This site is used for any and all maintenance requests. Property Meld is only used for filing requests. You should receive an email invitation to set up your account, but if you do not you can click on the link above to request an invitation.

Contacting True Home

What is the best way to contact True Home Ohio?

The best way to contact us is by emailing [email protected]. You can also call our main line at 513-813-4128, Monday-Friday between 9am-4pm EST.

What is the difference between a maintenance request and a support request?

Anytime your unit is experiencing a problem that will require a maintenance repair technician to inspect and fix the issue, ‍a request should be made from your Property Meld account.

A support request or message can be sent to [email protected]. These types of messages or requests can include topics such as rent, lease terms, moving out, neighbor concerns, etc.

How do I submit a maintenance request and what do I need to include in the request?

You can submit a maintenance request by creating a request via Property Meld. Your request should include your full address, name, specific details about your maintenance issue and any pictures/videos that would help our team resolve your problem.

What is considered an emergency?

True Home Ohio considers the following issues an emergency:

• Fire

• Flood

• Sewage backups

• Gas or other odors

• A fallen tree or large debris onto the property that causing openings in the property

• Broken water pipes

• No electricity

• No water

• No heat (restricted to an outside temperature below 45 degrees for more than 4 hours)

• No air-conditioning (restricted to an outside temperature above 90 degrees for more than 4 hours)

If you are experiencing any of the above emergencies, please call our maintenance line (513-813-4129) AND submit a Property Meld maintenance request. Emergency repairs will be addressed during and after business hours.

If a maintenance request is created and our team determines the issue is not an emergency, the issue will be addressed the next business day. 

What are examples of non-urgent maintenance requests?

• Appliance outage (including fridge)

• Roof leak from rain

• Water leak under a sink

• Toilet backed up but more than one toilet in the house

Lease Issues

How do I get a copy of my current lease?

Residents can access their leases at anytime by visiting their Buildium, online account. All leases will be under Documents. If you do not see your lease on your account, please submit a request to [email protected]

How do I add or remove another person to my lease agreement?

Before a resident can be added to a lease, the management team will need to approve the addition. A new resident is required to complete an application and meet all application standards before we can approve and add them to a lease. If the applicant does not meet our application standards, that person cannot be added to a lease.


When a resident wants to be removed from a lease agreement, a support request must first be made to [email protected]. Our team will review the request and a form will be sent to all parties on the current lease. All residents listed on the lease must sign off on the document stating they agree to removing a person from the lease agreement.


Please note, we do not review and/or refund security deposits until a lease agreement has ended. This remains true even if a one or more residents listed on an agreement decide to be removed from a lease. Residents are encouraged to determine a plan for the deposit between themselves. ‍

How do I add or remove a pet?

Pets are not allowed at every property. If you are considering adding a pet to your home, please submit a support request to [email protected]. Our team will let you know if pets are allowed or not.


If a pet is allowed at a property, residents are responsible for paying a one-time, Pet Acceptance Fee and are also required to pay a monthly pet fee per pet. A pet agreement will be sent to all residents to sign. ‍

Does True Home Ohio accept credit card payment for my rent?


Is there a fee for using a debit and credit card?

Yes, if you use any kind of credit or debit card, a convenience fee is applied with every payment.

Can I pay rent without paying extra fees?

Yes, if you do not want to pay extra convenience fees, you can pay online by EFT. You simply need to select “Bank account” from the dropdown feature under “Select a payment method”. You will be prompted to input your bank account and routing number.


If desired, you can also set up automatic, reoccurring payment options every month.

I'm having issues paying online.

Please submit a service request to [email protected] if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

Can I pay rent with cash?

Yes, however, True Home does not accept direct cash payments. Our company is partnered with PayNearMe. This company allows renters to make cash or money order payments to establishments such as CVS and Family Dollar. There is a small fee the company charges when making payments. This payment is usually around $5.


If you are interested in paying rent with this option, please contact [email protected] so we can set you up in the system.

Can I mail my rent payment?

True Home Ohio no longer accepts mail in rent payments. Residents are required to either pay online or make cash payments via PayNearMe.

How will my utilities be handled with True Home Ohio?

Every rental property is unique. Most single-family rentals require the resident to be responsible for all utilities (water, gas, electric, trash, sewage, internet, cable). Apartments, townhomes and condos may vary.


If you are unsure about which utilities you, as a resident, would be responsible for please contact our team for assistance at [email protected].

I was given a 3-Day Notice to Vacate. What do I do now?

Upon service of the notice, you will have three business days to either submit the payment amount specified on the notice or vacate the premises. If you believe your were served a 3-Day Notice in error, please contact us immediately at [email protected].


If you fail to make a payment or vacate the premises, you can face a potential eviction.

Common Questions

Can I change apartments within the building?

Resident may be able to change units on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in switching units, please contact [email protected] to see if such a change is possible. Some situations require residents to apply. You will be notified if this is the situation.

How to I report a disruptive neighbor?

If your neighbor is not respecting the building’s quiet hours, disrupting other neighbors and/or doing illegal activities, please submit a service request to [email protected]. With your request, we ask that you include any photos and videos you may have as proof.


If you suspect illegal activities and/or violence, please contact the police immediately.

I’m locked out of my home. Who do I contact?

If you are locked out of your unit and need assistance, please create an online maintenance request and call our maintenance line (513-813-4129).

If you are locked out of your apartment due to loss of keys or other similar mistakes, and you need our assistance in entering your apartment, a lock out fee will be charged. You will be required to show ID or provide identification. The following list shows the rates:

  • MON-FRI 9 AM – 4 PM $75.00
  • MON-FRI 5 PM – 8:59 AM $150.00
  • SAT-SUN ALL HOURS $150.00

Please DO NOT make payment to the service technician. He/she is not able to accept money. Payments will be made and requested by property manager.

LOCK CHANGES. Residents are not permitted to change their own locks. As stated in the lease rules and regulations, the PROPERTY MANAGER needs to have access to the apartment for emergencies, maintenance, and exterminating purposes. If you want a lock change for personal security, call the maintenance department.

How do I report pest issues in my apartment?

Pest issues are considered a maintenance issue. If you believe you have a pest problem, please submit a request from your Property Meld account. Our team will send a professional pest control company out to inspect the situation.

Can I sublet my unit?

Subletting is allowed on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in subletting your unit, please contact our team first at [email protected].

If approved, you will be responsible for paying an Early Termination Fee equivalent to one month’s rent. In addition, any individual interested in subletting will first need to apply and meet our application requirements.

Once the Early Termination fee has been paid and a new renter’s application has been approved, you can then move out of the unit and the subletter can move into it.

How often are property inspections done?

Depending on the property, routine inspections can occur 1-4 times a year. When an inspection is scheduled, residents are contacted a minimum of 24 hours in advance.

Moving Out

I plan on moving out of my unit. What do I need to know and/or do?

• Residents that wish to end their lease must provide proper notice to True Home. Every resident is contacted around 100 days out from lease expiration dates. Residents have the option to renew their lease or inform our team that they wish to end the lease. We ask that residents provide our team with a minimum of 60 days’ notice.


• Once our team has been notified of your intent to vacate, you will receive a Move Out email with instructions on how to prepare for the move. You can also visit our Move Out section on our website.

How many days advance notice do I need to provide before vacating my apartment?

True Home Ohio asks that all residents provide a 60-day notice if they wish to end a lease.

Can I end my lease early?

If you would like to end a lease early, there are a few steps that must be followed:

• An Early Termination Fee equivalent to one month’s rent must be paid before a lease can be terminated early. You CANNOT use your security deposit for this fee.

• You must inform True Home Ohio the date you plan on moving out of the unit.

• True Home will list the unit for rent and begin showings. You may be requested to assist in the showing process.

• Until a new renter has applied, been approved and signs a lease, you are responsible for paying rent until a lease agreement has been signed and the renter moves into the unit.

• If there is a gap between when the new renter moves in and when you move out, you will be responsible for rent the number of days it sits vacant until the new renter’s lease begins.

Will I get my security deposit back if I end my lease early?

Security deposits will be handled in the same manor as if your lease was ending on the originally agreed upon end date.

True Home will do a unit inspection after you have officially moved out of the unit. Any damages discovered during the inspection will be included on your final statement and deducted from your deposit.


If there are any unpaid charges, those will also be deducted from your deposit.


Any remaining funds left from your deposit, after all deductions have been made, will be mailed in check form to your new address you provide.  Please expect up to 30 days after your move out date to receive these funds and your final statement.

How do I handle the key exchange upon move-out?

When you are ready to leave your unit for the final time, you will be asked to either leave your keys inside the unit and lock it on your way out OR you will be provided with a one-time code on your move out date. That code will be used for an electronic lock box. Please place your keys inside of that box, if one is provided.

If I vacate the property and surrender my keys before the lease end date, will my rent be prorated?

No, you will be responsible for paying rent until the agreed upon lease end date. This remains true even if you choose to vacate the property a week or so early.

What happens if I do not surrender keys?

If you do not surrender keys, you have not officially moved out. You will continue to be charged rent and will be charged for key replacement.

If I move out early and surrender keys, do I need to keep utilities on in my name until the end of the lease?

Yes, as per your lease agreement, the resident is responsible for the utilities until the lease ends.

Can I be present for the Move Out Inspection?

No, we do not perform the move out inspection until all residents have officially moved out of the unit and surrendered keys. Residents are provided with literature on what is expected when moving out of a unit. This information includes how to properly clean the space, when to report maintenance issues and what common charges can be expected if not handled properly before moving out of a unit. For these reasons, it is not required to perform an inspection with a resident.

How do I get my security deposit back?

Once you have notified our team that you have decided to end your lease, you will receive an email with instructions on moving out of your unit. You can also find this information on our Move Out page.

Our team will perform a move out inspection after you have moved out of the property and surrender keys. Any charges determined from the inspection will be included in a final statement. After deducting damages and unpaid fees from the deposit, residents can expect to receive the final statement and any money owed to them 30 days after the lease end date.


If any funds are refunded, they will be mailed as a check to the address you provide. All residents listed on the lease will be listed on the one check. We do not split up funds between parties. Only one check will be mailed.


Please email your new address to [email protected].

How do you determine damages discovered during a Move Out inspection?

Please reference the Move In inspection form. This is the same inspection list used to complete a Move Out inspection.

To get an idea of how damages are determined and potential prices for such damages, you can reference the Move Out Procedures document.

**Please note, the prices listed in the document are subject to change**

How long does it take to get my security deposit back?

Residents can expect to receive a final statement and deposit (if there is one remaining) 30 days after the lease end date. If you moved out early, please do not expect to receive the deposit 30 days from when you moved. The documents will be sent 30 days from the lease end date only.

If I indicate my intent to end my lease, will True Home Ohio begin showing my unit while I still live there?

In most situations we do not show units until a renter has vacated the property. However, there may be exceptions. If our team needs to show your unit to a potential renter, you will be notified 24-48 hours in advance.

Technical Support

How do I register for Buildium and Property Meld?

If you have signed a lease with True Home, you will be automatically set up in our Buildium software. An email from the system will be sent to you so that you can create your login information.

If True Home recently started managing your property, and if our team has not already contacted you, please email us your contact information at [email protected]. We will add you to our system so you can login to your account.

The same is true for Property Meld. However, if you do not receive an automated email from Property Meld, you can also request an invite by following this link.

I can’t remember my login information. What do I do?

For both Buildium and Property Meld, you will need to select the “forgot password” button on the login pages. ‍Our team does not have access to your login information. You will have to go through the systems to create a new username or password.


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