Moving Out

Thank you!

As your move-out date approaches, True Home Ohio would like to take this opportunity to thank you for renting from us. In addition, we are providing all residents with this move-out guide/checklist for move-out procedures. Please read this entire page carefully as it includes very detailed and helpful information.

True Home Ohio prefers to return your entire security deposit. Please use this information to your advantage so you receive your full security deposit. Encountering units that have damages, have not been cleaned/properly cleaned, or have belongings left behind will result in charges against your security deposit. Charges can also exceed the security deposit amount resulting in additional money that will be owed to True Home Ohio. However, by following these move-out guide instructions/procedures you can leave your unit in the best possible condition. Leaving your unit as outlined per the instructions in this move-out guide, will save all parties involved time and money.

Beginning the process

True Home Ohio will contact you 100-110 days prior to your lease expiration date. You will be required to inform us of your intentions to move out as soon as possible.

Once you have notified our team that you plan to terminate your lease once it expires, you MUST send your new address to [email protected]. Final statements and any security deposits due to you will be mailed to the address provided. The security deposit will be refunded 30 days after the move-out date less any amount necessary to pay for items or damages found during our move out inspection. Please keep in mind we do not discuss move out findings over the phone. You will receive a final statement from our company detailing any charges received and the reasons for those charges.

Returning keys

On your final day in the unit, you will be asked to either leave your keys on the kitchen counter OR you will be given a temporary code to a CODEBOX that will be placed at the property. You will be instructed to use that temporary code to place the unit keys inside after locking up for the final time.


If you have not been told where to place your keys 7 days prior to your move out date, please call (513-813-4129) or email [email protected] to determine which procedure you should follow.


General Move-Out Instructions/Guidelines

Carpets must be cleaned to remove all stains and ground in dirt. (Make sure you vacuum first!) Receipts, to confirm the carpets were
professionally cleaned, must be turned in with your keys if you choose to use a professional cleaning company.

Blinds must be cleaned. Please make certain soap streaks are gone. We suggest if the blinds are too dirty to be cleaned or if they are damaged,
replace them with new ones. This would be the best option and is cost effective versus having them professionally cleaned. You can purchase
blinds at Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, etc. If you plan on replacing the blinds, please make sure you take measurements ahead of
time and purchase only white plastic blinds. Blinds must be in the same condition as when you moved into the unit.

All personal items must be removed from the unit. This means EVERYTHING except any furniture that was provided by management. Do
not leave cleaning supplies, plungers, shower curtains, etc. None of these items are to be left for future residents. They will all be thrown out and you
will be charged for the removal.

All nails, picture hooks, and anything used to hang pictures/posters should be removed from the walls or ceiling. Dust cobwebs from corners and baseboards. Clean ceiling light fixture covers and/or globes.

If maintenance is needed anywhere in the apartment, report it to the office NOW and have it repaired 2-3 weeks prior to your move out. If maintenance issues are not reported prior to 2-3 weeks prior to move out date, a 20% administrative fee will be added to all security deposit charges.

Smoke detectors must have an operating battery, all light fixtures and lamps must have working bulbs, and fire extinguishers must be charged.

All lights bulbs must be in lamps, sockets, etc. and be in working order.

ALL keys must be returned upon move-out. If keys are not returned, you will be charged $150 for changing the locks.

Small holes anywhere from 0” to 3” x 3” are estimated to cost $50.00 per hole to repair.

Large holes anywhere from 3” x 3” up to 6” x 6” are estimated to cost $100.00 per hole to repair.

You must call Duke Energy and inform them of your lease termination date and make arrangements to have the final meter reading done. You MAY
NOT have the utilities taken out of your name until the EXACT LEASE EXPIRATION DATE or you will be charged a $150.00 disconnect utility fee.

You must call internet and TV providers and arrange to disconnect your services.

Trash & Debris: You must take all of your trash and belongings with you. Do not leave your trash can full. Do not leave trash stacked at the curb or
anywhere else at the property. If you do, we will send a hauling company to remove it and you will be charged for the cleanup. There will be a
minimum $100 hauling charge to remove any trash or items that you leave behind.

Cleaning: Moving is a very tiresome event. Please consider carefully whether you will have the time and energy, after moving, to properly clean your place. Most commonly, tenants have every intention of leaving the property clean, usually boasting to us, “it will be cleaner than when we moved in”. But then they simply run out of time or are too exhausted after hauling boxes. They blow off the final clean and walk away figuring their deposit will cover the cleanup costs. This leaves us scrambling to get things handled at the last minute before the new tenant moves in. The problem is compounded when utilities have been turned off. You will suffer financial consequences if this happens. Nothing will consume your deposit more than your failure to return the property in good condition and clean. Please consider hiring a cleaning service if you don’t know for sure that you are going to be able to return the property to us in a good and clean condition. We will charge a minimum $100 coordination fee, plus $75 per trip for re-inspections, meeting vendors at the property, etc. on top of the actual costs of cleaning and repairs if you leave unfinished cleaning and trash removal. Email us if you’d like a recommended cleaning service.

Any questions concerning move out procedures can be addressed by emailing [email protected] or 513-813-4129.

If you have roommates that are moving out early, it does not relieve anyone from the responsibility of leaving the unit in the best possible condition. For example, if you are planning on moving out early and you clean the unit a month before move out, but have roommates that are occupying the unit till the end of the lease, this means the unit is going to need to be re-cleaned again prior to lease expiration. To ensure that your unit is left in the best possible condition, we suggest that you return to the unit a few days before lease expiration date to inspect. You may also choose to hire a professional cleaning company. Please make sure you turn in this receipt along with the carpet cleaning receipt and keys.

Possible Deductions

• Late fees
• Outstanding Invoices
• Unpaid/Utilities
• Charges for Returned Checks
• Additional damages to the unit or furniture
• Carpet cleaning (if receipt is not turned in)
We have complied a list of average charges. Nothing herein shall be construed as a limitation on agents’ rights to pursue resident for damages not specifically listed hereon.


Final Thoughts

Remember we would love to return your security deposit so please use this move-out guide to your advantage. (This is how you get your security deposit money back!) We know you would sincerely like to leave your unit in the best possible condition in order to receive your full security deposit refund. Often times a deduction is merely due to communication problem between the Landlord and Resident regarding what in fact is expected of the resident when moving out of a unit. This document is to serve as a guideline for our move-out procedure. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to call the office at 513-813-4129, Monday—Friday 9am-4pm, or email [email protected].


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