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Utilities Transfer Form


You will be receiving an automatic email from our software, Buildium. This email will instruct you to create a personal password for log in purposes. This software will allow you to make payments, review past expenses and contact our team at True Home Ohio.

Retrieving Keys

Once you have paid your security deposit and first month’s rent, you will be granted access to the keys to your new home!

If there is a CodeBox at the property, a one-time code will be sent to the phone number you provided on your application. That code will only work the day of your lease start date between the hours of 8am8pm. You are welcome to retrieve your keys from that box at any point during your move in day.


If no CodeBox is present, a team member will coordinate a time to meet with you so that you may retrieve your keys.


Move-In Inspection:

As you should have already read on your lease, you are given 7 days from the first day of your lease to perform a “move-in inspection”. Our team has already completed our own inspection, but you as a resident are encouraged to perform one as well to ensure you are aware of the condition of the unit upon moving into it.

On your lease, you will find a checklist to use to complete the inspection. You are welcome to take pictures/videos in addition to the checklist. All information sent to us will be saved on your file for the duration of the lease.

Please email the completed inspection to: [email protected]

Inspections will not be accepted after 7 days from the start of the lease.


Please review your lease for specifics on resident’s responsibilities for utilities. Below you will find useful information on how to put your name into the appropriate utilities for your new home.

Electricity and Gas

When opening up an account for the electricity and gas for your new unit, you will need to contact Duke Energy right away. It is recommended to call Duke as soon as you sign a lease so that you can get on their schedule and have the utilities starting the first day of your lease.

Duke Energy website


If your new home is in Hamilton county, but not in Norwood, you will need to contact Cincinnati Water Works to put the water bill in your name.

Cincinnati Water Works Website

If your new home is in Norwood, OH, you will need to contact Norwood Water Department.

Norwood Water website


Trash collection can vary depending on location. Please contact our team to determine which company to contact for trash collection.

Before moving into the unit, you are required to complete the Utilities Transfer Form. If utilities are not properly set up and this form is not completed before the move in date, you will not be provided with the unit keys.

Rent Payments

Residents of True Home Ohio have multiple ways to pay rent. Visit our Paying Rent page for more information.

Maintenance Requests

Our team wants your home experience to be stress free and as perfect as we can make it, but we understand from time to time you will experience maintenance issues. As a resident of True Home Ohio, you are able to file a request at anytime by logging into your very own maintenance portal. Please click the link below to either create an account or file a request if you have an existing account:

File ALL requests using your online Property Meld account. An email will be sent to your email address explaining how to set up your account. If you do not receive an email, a request to create an account can be done by clicking here.

Include detailed information about the issue including pictures and video. If you are experiencing an emergency, call our office line (513-813-4129) AND submit a request via Property Meld. If you are calling after hours, leave us a message and a team member will return your call as soon as possible.

Residents can expect responses to any non-urgent requests during regular business hours. Any emergency requests that are reported will be handled as soon as possible. This includes after-hour emergencies.

What is considered an emergency?
1. Fire
2. Flood
3. Sewage backups
4. Gas or other odors
5. A fallen tree or large debris onto the property that causing openings in the property
6. Broken water pipes
7. No heat (restricted to an outside temperature below 45 degrees for more than 4 hours)
8. No air-conditioning (restricted to an outside temperature above 90 degrees for more than 4 hours)


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